Making a Senior Portrait Slideshow with Animoto.

Today I am making a senior portrait in Animoto and showing you how to work with Animoto.  I am using a song by Krysta Youngs (one of my favorites on Triple Scoop) which is licensed by Triple Scoop Music through their new unlimited subscription membership.  I know, I have already used it once before in my 30 Days project, but I loved it so much and I wanted to try it out on a Senior Portrait.  I can always make another slideshow with the same images with a completely different song some other day.  Making a slideshow on Animoto is quite easy, but there are a few little tricks that are helpful when you want to customize the slideshow just a bit.  You can even import images into Animoto directly from your Lightroom CC account in the cloud.

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This video is part of my 30 Days Project in connection with Triple Scoop Music’s new Pro Photographer’s unlimited Music Subscription Service.  The music makes the presentation and no service is better than Triple Scoop Music with thousands upon thousands of quality songs from independent music artists in every genre.  Enjoy this how-to video on making a Slideshow with Animoto.  The slideshow is shown at the very end of this how-to video.  I will post the slideshow on its own tomorrow.

Music in this video licensed through

This slideshow was made with Animoto’s online slideshow making tool.  The simplicity of uploading the images and song and letting Animoto do the work is quite appealing when you are as busy as I am.  Each slideshow can have one of a long list of styles.  This style is called “Chic.”  I am typically a very simple “documentary style” slideshow maker, but this one works really well for a senior portrait.

Speaking of music, this whole 30 Days project is possible because of Triple Scoop Music’s new subscription-based service which allows users to pay one monthly fee rather than per song.  If you are producing projects and need music, I highly recommend Triple Scoop Music.  The service is full of great original songs from independent artists.  License one song at a time, or sign up for the subscription service and use as many songs as you need, whenever you need them.  Learn more at

Unlimited music licensing plans are normally $995 per year and up.  However, right now, for a limited time, there is special pricing! Get yours for just $499 per year (annual billing) or $49 per month when you sign up this month.  If you only use one new song each month, you will save $221 this year.  At those prices, I will save $1,301 this month alone!  That’s pretty amazing.  Choose all the music you need all year long. Choose from over 35,000 hand-picked songs and soundtracks.  Click here to learn more:

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You can follow this project here, or on my blog at  If you are a Vimeo fan, you can watch this project unfold at my Vimeo Album:

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