The  Lightroom  Workflow  Workshop  Has  Moved

If you own access to the Lightroom Workflow Workshop, please follow this link to its new home. You will find the new home to be a much better place to view video content. You can still stream and download the workshop in this new location. If you have not yet purchased the workshop, you can do so there. If you have purchased it already, you will have received a VIP CODE for free access to it on the new website. Just enter your VIP Access Code by clicking on the VIP Access Button on the right-hand side of the screen when you go to the new workshop platform.

All of your other products (downloads) are available here in the store on jaredplatt.com. The only products that shifted over to the new platform are the video products. And there are many more exciting things coming soon.

Thank you for your trust. I am glad to be of service to you in your photographic journey. Feel free to contact support@jaredplatt.com with any questions.

Need help with your workshop purchase? Go to the support Q&A page: https://jaredplatt.com/product/shop-lightroom-workflow-workshop/