Increase the speed of your retouching and editing and give you power you never thought you had in Lightroom!

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Do you use presets for the Brush, Radial Filter and Gradient tools in the Lightroom Develop Module? You should. These local adjustment presets will increase the speed of your retouching and editing and give you power you never thought you had in Lightroom. Once you get the global styles and adjustments completed in your image, The Local Adjustment Preset Collection will get you through the burning and dodging, skin softening, the retouching and the selective manipulations your image needs before it goes out to Photoshop or in most cases, directly from Lightroom to the world.

Every preset is created with my unique philosophy which insures that each presets will add style and beauty to your images without counteracting the hard work you have already done on the basic adjustments. With my organizational structure and additive controls, you will find yourself zipping through images with absolute ease and total control.


Presets designed by Jared Platt are the most intelligently designed presets on the market. Built to save you time and give you infinite flexibility in photo editing while maintaining the highest quality adjustments in your imagery, these presets will be a staple in your preset collection.


All preset collections are cross platform compatible on Mac and PC, although the location for installation varies between Mac and PC and various windows versions. All preset collections are also compatible with all versions of Lightroom, although they will be of greatest use to those with the latest version of Lightroom.


Also, when you buy presets from Jared Platt, you always have access to your presets should you loose them, or have a hard drive crash, or simply need them on location. You also have access to any future updates to any presets you have purchased. Just simply log into your account and download any presets you have purchased in the past.


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