I have just finished publishing a photographic art book set through my favorite bookmaker, Blurb Books. I have also created a series of how-to videos on planning and designing a photo art book. You can see the series here. But if you are interested in previewing the books online, take a look at the previews below. Enjoy.

The Photographic Art Book: 0º

While the project includes two books, the principal book in the project is a large 12×12 inc photography book of landscapes. It is work I have created over a very long time that explores a feeling of cold. Not just in the sense of temperature, but also in the sense of cold and austere, vacant, lonely, stark and for me… home. The photographs evoke a feeling of quiet that I felt in my youth growing up in a very vacant landscape in the high desert of northern Arizona. I was a cowboy from a very young age, riding a flat and bleak range, sparsely spotted with small shrub-like trees. As you might expect, those years on the open range inspire my photography today. When I am working for a client, my work conforms to their needs, but when I am out photographing for my soul, I am drawn to subjects and compositions that take me back home.

I hope you enjoy the images in this collection of landscapes called .

You can also view this book on Blurb Books’ website here.

The Companion Book: 0º

Because I wanted the photographic book to be focused completely on the images, I chose not to clutter up its pages with text. Instead, I put the text in this little companion book. This book contains some of the photos in the artbook as well as some additional, behind-the-scenes images. The text includes a mixture of thoughts on photography as well as some useful tips and tools I use in the creation of my images. I hope you find them interesting.

You can also view this book on Blurb Books’ website here.