Some of the best weddings are at home.

A Backyard Wedding in Gilbert, Arizona.

Some weddings are a big event with grand ballrooms or rented barns with breathtaking views in the background, but sometimes they are just in the backyard.  I have photographed many backyard weddings in my career and some of them were do-it-yourself weddings but sometimes, they are just as elegant and beautiful as the extreme weddings at major locations.  All and Ben were married in Alli’s backyard and it was elegant as could be.  The backyard setting made a decent headcount, seem like a small intimate gathering.  Of course, keeping the guest list to a size that fits in the backyard tends to help as well.  There were no strangers at this wedding.   That is what I love about small intimate weddings… everyone who is there is truly invested in the bride and groom.   I love that feeling.

I love the images from this wedding so much, from the images of the kids at the door, to the moment between the father and the bride when he sees his daughter for the first time in her dress with mom looking on.  There are so many moments to show in this wedding that I didn’t worry about adding too many portraits.  I think it showcases the documentary photography from the wedding quite nicely.  In the end, every wedding photographer makes a mix of portraits, fashion, documentary and still life images.  The slideshow can focus on them all equally or focus on one more heavily.  In this case, I have turned the attention to the documentary images and let the portraits be a small part of the day.  I hope you like it.

The music for this slideshow, “True Love” is by Fisher and can be found on Triple Scoop Music.

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This slideshow was made with Animoto’s online slideshow making tool.  The simplicity of uploading the images and song and letting Animoto do the work is quite appealing when you are as busy as I am.  Each slideshow can have one of a long list of styles.  This style is called “Documentary.”  I was responsible for creating this style.  After years of asking for the style, they came to me and asked, “what would it look like?”  This is what we came up with.  It is actually one of Animoto’s most popular styles.  Go figure… it turns out that photographers like to keep the focus on their images.  I did a little tweaking to the standard style options to make this slideshow the way it is.  Each image can either have a normal emphasis, of you can star a photo.  Adding the emphasis star to an image adds an effect to the image during the slideshow (each slideshow has different effects for emphasized images.  In the Documentary Style, it adds a very uniquely times fade in and out and it lengthens its time on the screen.  In this case, I stared almost all of the images that way, the slideshow has a lot more movement in it and each image hangs on a little longer.  Its a little trick I use on Animoto.  Enjoy the slideshow.

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