A Portrait of a Triathlete or Two.

This portrait session, as I mentioned yesterday in my how-to video, is of my nephew Mitchel, who is competing as a triathlete and is currently on his way to Australia for the world competition.  During our portrait shoot, we made sure to get images of him running, biking and swimming as well as the everyday portrait shots.  We even included his cousin Brigham, who is also a triathlete and competed at worlds the year before and who is now in Mexico serving as a missionary there.  So when you see the second athlete, that is who you are seeing.  These two boys are incredible young men who have been training together for years, waking up at 4 in the morning to swim or run or bike.  That kind of dedication and perseverance on the part of a teenager is rare and worth celebrating.  So I celebrate it in the best way I know how: photographs.

We spent the day moving between Gilbert and then out to the canyon lakes area outside the Phoenix area to photograph the lake shots and those on the canyon roads for the road biking shots.  Mitchel is on the Hamilton High School Swim Team, so we took some shots there in Chandler at the high school aquatic center as well.  We really moved around a lot that day, but we do whatever we need to to get the right shots.

Making a senior portrait is more than just taking beautiful photos of a high school senior wearing their school jersey or standing in front of a textured wall.  Every time I photograph a high school senior, I meet with them and discuss what is important to them, what makes them tick… and then I develop a production schedule for the day of the portrait session with the right props, the right activities, and the best locations to make the perfect portraits.  I want to make images that are meaningful to the student and their family.  But in addition to all of that, I want them to have a great experience while we are making the images.  It is a big production!  We have a lot of fun throughout the day.

As with all productions, there are a lot of stories on how we got various shots.  The photographers who are reading this will be interested in technical things like f-stops, light modifiers, and lenses.  But the rest of you will probably be more interested in the funny, interesting efforts made to make images like the ones at the lake.  At one point I was trying to get the splash that would occur as Mitchel would be running out of the lake, but the real splash wasn’t cutting it, so I ended up kicking water with one foot, balancing on the other and shooting the shot at the same time.  It took a lot of shots to get the right amount of splash!

Well, this is me, wishing Mitchel the best of luck at the world competition in Australia.

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