We’ve been preparing a wedding venue just for you, for the past six million years.  The Grand Canyon.

Planning your destination wedding? What will it be?  We’ve been preparing one venue just for you for the past six million years.  It’s all ready.  Let us help you to document your experience.  www.jaredplatt.com

This video is an example from my 30 Days Project where I am making the commitment to share more work, more often, in more places.  If you are a photographer, enjoy the inspiration and read on about how I made this slideshow and make sure to tune in for the hhow-tovideos to come in the coming weeks.  If you are a bride or a groom and you are planning your wedding, contact me and let me help you navigate through the process of creating the ultimate destination wedding.  No matter where you are planning your wedding, you need experts who know their business.  We know wedding photography and when you create a destination wedding experience, the photography is critical.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Places like the Grand Canyon, Iceland or a Sand Bar in the ocean are tricky places to get great photos, you need more than a typical photographer.  You need a photographer who understands the natural light, location scouting, sun tracking, tide schedules, shadow patterns and location strobe lighting.  So no matter where you are planning to go, contact me at www.jaredplatt.com and let’s talk about your wedding.  Let’s make your destination wedding be the best it can be and I’ll make your wedding photographs the best they can be.

This video was produced using Animoto’s Video Marketing online program.  It’s as simple as uploading a few images and videos, typing in the text and pushing the produce button!  So simple and powerful.  And with my pocket filled with any song from Triple Scoop Musics Subscription service, I can make any project shine!  And each project can have its own unique song!  Stay tuned for the how-to videos where I will teach you how to use my arsenal of video editing tools and services.  By the end of this 30 Days Project, you will know exactly which tool is right for you.  You may decide you want to use a few of them, like I do.


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You can follow this project here, or on my blog at www.jaredplatt.com/blog.  If you are a Vimeo fan, you can watch this project unfold at my Vimeo Album: https://vimeo.com/album/5227999

For a complete list of my equipment you can go to B&H Photo Video.  https://bhpho.to/2Kx88bl

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