Child Life Portraits are full of personality and life.

Portrait sessions with children can be a bit of a stress for parents.  They set an arbitrary date for their kids to look great, act sweet, mind their manners and smile!  Then they collect the outfits, rush out the door, put the kids in the car for the long drive to the studio where they will do their best to control their children, coax, threaten, cajole and plead… hoping that their little ones will look beautiful and precious and happy even if they are completely different in real life.  The session results in bribes that get bigger and bigger or threats that become so unrealistic that the children (even the two-year-old) know their parents are bluffing on the threats and lying about the rewards.  And this is what the parents are paying good money for?  Everyone wants a beautiful portrait of their children on the wall and most of us hope that it will show off the very best in our kids.  It has been hard raising kids and parents want to show everyone what amazing little people they have created and trained.

child portrait by jared platt in aspen grove in arizona

Well, here is the problem as I see it, and I have seen a lot of child portrait sessions.  The problem is that parents are too eager to micromanage the portrait session that they are paying for.  They have hired someone who is skilled at finding those precious moments, who has a talent for interacting with kids, even a gift of connecting with children on a level that the parents may never be able to accomplish on their own, and yet they will stress and threaten and even direct their children during the photo shoot.  If you are a photographer, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are a parent reading this post, take my advice and just step back and relax.  Your photographer should take the reigns on this photoshoot, let the photographer drive and you just get out of the way and enjoy the show.  It will be a crazy little show, but your bribes and threats aren’t going to make the photoshoot any better.  In fact, the rising stress levels will break your kids down faster.  Trust your photographer to make the beautiful images you see on their website for you without your help.  And if the photographer needs you to do something, they will ask you to help.  Otherwise, just hang out and enjoy watching the show.  If your kids are a bouncing off the walls that day, resist the urge to discipline… it’s a photo shoot, let it be fun for them.  Better images are made with children who are having fun that with children who are “holding still.”

My portrait sessions are called “Child Life Portraits,” because I want my clients to understand the reason for the images.  They are not an 18th-century oil painted portrait that shows a child as the world or the parent expects or hopes they will be with every flaw removed.  I am making images that express the nature of children AS THEY ARE, which is perfect and energetic and angry and sad and happy and curious and hyper and sleepy and bored and wonderful and silly and cute and yes, even messy.  When I make children’s portraits, they are sessions that go wherever the children take us and my clients are the kind of people who want a portrait of their children that shows who they really are with all their flaws and all of their eccentricities and all of their strengths and perfections.

Child Life Portraits are the real portraits that come from a photographer with a love for reality, they are born in appreciation for documentary photography, landscape photography and stylized editorial portraiture and fashion.  Being real doesn’t mean we never create a set for the portrait session or dress the kids up in great outfits or hand them props to play with, it just simply means that we inspire them to be themselves no matter where they are or what they are doing.  It is my goal as a children’s photographer to capture the essence of the child no matter what environment we are in.  If this idea sounds great to you, you may want to give me a call for your next portrait session.  If you can’t let go of the control… there are plenty of photographers out there for you.  I’m just not that guy.  If you are a photographer and want to create more images like the ones you see in this slideshow, I teach workshops online and across the world.  Contact me to find one near you.


This video is an example from my 30 Days Project where I am making the commitment to share more work, more often, in more places.  If you are a photographer, enjoy the inspiration and read on about how I made this slideshow and make sure to tune in for the how-to videos to come in the coming weeks.  If you are a parent and would like images of your children that show who they really are, feel free to contact me anytime.  I travel internationally and have taken children’s portraits from Arizona to China and everywhere in-between.  Contact me here.

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