Get the perfect exposure from your camera by learning how to read the histogram.

Perfect exposure on location with model and no flash

To a serious photographer, few things are more stressful than blowing your exposure. Especially when you’re working under pressure, say, for a client. That’s why I have perfected the process of nailing the right exposure in my camera quickly, efficiently and without interrupting my creative process. I work for demanding clients who expect to get amazing images. The last thing I want is to get back to the studio and find that I captured the perfect moment… incorrectly. Sure I can recover some of the missing data, but noisy shadows and blown highlights are not my friends. I want to avoid them wherever possible. Like that sweaty guy at the party obsessed with polka music.

You may know that I train professional and amature photographers in Adobe Lightroom. If you’ve seen my Lightroom training videos on CreativeLive, you know that I take a systematic approach to getting the absolute most out of my images. Getting the highest quality images requires the highest quality input from your camera. After all, garbage in, garbage out. I want you to get the same consistent, high-quality captures I get. That’s why I have created a mini-workshop for my students to take you through my system for verifying I have the correct exposure every time. I call this system Pre-visualizing your Exposures for Post-Production and once you master its few simple principles it will forever improve the way you shoot

I will also show you why working with correctly exposed images in Lightroom is a complete treat and makes image processing a snap. Once you’ve got your correctly exposed image in Lightroom, not only will you rapidly move through the correction process, but you will finally be able to make truly-effective use of presets to nearly-instantly add unique style and flavor to your images.

Through a series of four free quick video lessons and a free one hour recorded webinar with Q&A, you will dramatically improve your photography and speed your workflow. It doesn’t matter if you are a wedding, portrait or landscape photographer, you will see how to quickly get perfect exposures in camera and how that is the key to making your images sing in Lightroom — I mean really sing! These FIVE free lessons will teach you to harness the full power of your camera and Lightroom together so you can take better images and spend less time working on them in post.