Tyler just turned one and his parents threw him a big monkey filled birthday party.  I am always interested in watching a child’s reaction to the first birthday cake.  My boys were always very cautious about getting messy.  Tyler was a bit apprehensive at first as well.  “Is this really for me, or is this some kind of trick?”

Baby in high chair with his first birthday cake

Monkey Balloon at a baby birthday party

While the baby was being changed, I took the opportunity to take a portrait of him.  I had nice window light and a black changing blanket, so it was a great situation for a quick black and white portrait of the baby.

Baby portrait on his first birthday

What do you do when your father won’t stop talking?

Baby giving his father his pacifier

Baby and his mother

Tyler’s father is an excellent pianist and Tyler was not doing to bad himself.  The most meaningful and precious photographs I have of my children are those where we are doing something meaningful together.  So when I see a moment where a father is playing the piano with his son on his lap, I will drop everything for that shot.

Baby and his father at the piano

Baby playing on the piano with his father

I’d say, that Tyler came out pretty clean for a baby with a birthday cake on his plate.

Baby with a messy face after eating his birthday cake

Photography Details:

Event: Baby’s First Birthday and Baby Portrait

Photography by Jared Platt, Platt Photography

Slideshow Music by Kevin Burdick

Location: Home in Paradise Valley, Arizona