Yesterday, I posted images from Megan and Ian’s wedding at The Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona.  Today I am posting my favorite details from their wedding.  Enjoy.

Buttons and fabric!  That’s what made up the bride’s bouquet.  Beautiful, don’t you think?

Here is a cool way to carry the rings down the isle.  The ring bearer simply carried the book down the isle.  I loved the idea.

Sections of the long banquet table were identified with a very small chalk board.  Everything was on chalk boards.

This was  a great cake top.  I especially loved the scrabble letters.  Although you don’t get many points for an I a D and an O.

The fans doubled as the program, or should I say that the other way around?  They were cool… in more ways than one.

Nicely played!

No wedding cocktail hour is complete without a game of “Corn Hole.”  I loved all the games they had for people to play during a long enjoyable cocktail hour.

Like I said, everything was on chalk boards.  What a great way to post signs all over that don’t distract from, but add to, the visuals.

In keeping with the overabundance of beards, those who did not have facial hair could don a mustache for the moment by sipping from their straw.

In keeping with the Quaker style wedding theme, the wedding banquet table was one very long table rather than many round tables.

Again, I can’t emphasis how cool the wedding was and how impressed I was with all the little details.  Great job Megan and Ian.  Everyone was having a great time, even your photographers.