Folks, that’s a Canon Mark IV on my table! Canon has sent me one to evaluate. So, I will be posting photos and reviews of my experiences over the next six weeks. If you are thinking about getting a Mark IV or just curious, tell me what you want to know and I will test it out.

Check back here for new photos daily (yes I will be posting at least one photo shot by the Mark IV here on a daily basis and I will tell you a bit about my experience with it.  I have now taken it out of the box and started charging the battery.  I will tell you one thing, the buttons feel very sturdy.  The multi-controler (the joy stick kind of button on the back) has a very nice gasget on it and feels about as sturdy as I have ever felt on any Canon cameras thus far.  I was never thrilled with the Mark III’s multi-controler button.

So, if you are interested in the Mark IV, send me a note here or on my email and let me know what you would like to see from the camera and I will try to put it into my to do list.