Sedona Wedding: Alison and Scott from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Alison and Scott were married in Sedona, Arizona at the Sedona Golf Club.

Photography by: Platt Photography
Music by: Kevin Burdick
Wedding Location: Sedona Golf Club, Sedona Arizona


I love a wedding in Sedona. It is a magnificent place. Alison and Scott were married in Sedona, Arizona at the Sedona Golf Club. Here are a few of my favorite images from the wedding day.

Finding an interesting place to photograph the dress is one of the more challanging things we do early on in the wedding.  If you are getting married, you might consider two tips:

1: Get ready somewhere with an unique space for photographs of the dress and for photographs of putting on the dress.

2:  For some reason, you spend a lot of money on a dress, and they can’t give you a decent looking hanger, it is always an ugly plastic one.  You might consider buying an attractive hanger to go with the dress.  Perhaps a wood one, or maybe a padded silk hanger, but if you show up with a plastic hanger, we end up taking it off that hanger and using a wood hanger from the hotel.  But you will end up with a much more interesting and unique shot if you bring a hanger that is unique to you.

Of course, if you have Sedona as the backdrop to your wedding dress shot, it’s going to turn out nicely…

Wedding dress hanging on a tree in Sedona, Arizona

Here I enjoyed the shape of the mirror and the bright colors of the wall.  There is nothing more important, by the way than having a good make-up artist at your wedding.  And if you can have the make-up artist there throughout the day that is even better.  Alison had a fantastic make-up artist, which makes all of her images that much better.  I highly recommend Deanna Rene, I was very impressed.  She is very skilled at using an airbrush, which gives you the very best results.  At any rate, there is no question that a make-up artist is worth every penny.

Bride looking into a mirror

The country club had a set of parasols for use by the guests to guard against the sun, but they also made for some great props.  They just added to the entire scene, and kept the sun off the girls.  Why not…

Bride and bride's maids casual portraits in Sedona, Arizona

Bride portrait with parasol or umbrella.

The Sedona Golf Resort’s view is quite nice despite the fact that it is right off the main road.

Wedding ceremony in Sedona, Arizona at the Sedona Golf Club

Here it is, the last moment for a father and his daughter.  I think Alison looks so good in Black and White.  Color suites her well too, but I think she was made for Black and White.  Her hair and skin and dress work so well as subtle shades of light gray and white, so I ended up converting a lot of images to black and white because she just looks so great that way.  That is part of the act of photography… capturing the image is only the beginning of the process, there are still many decision to be made by the photographer, for instance, how to crop the image, how to treat the images, how to adjust the image, what kind of effects to use, how much vignetting to employ… and all of these decisions can enhance the image, or get in the way of the image.

Father and bride just before the wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom walking into the sunset in Sedona, Arizona

Glare and sun spots are sometimes problematic, but sometimes they can enhance the image.  I thought this was one of those times.

Sunset portrait of bride and groom in Sedona, Arizona

I loved the way the golf course began to look as the sun was setting.  It started to feel a bit dreary and almost mysterious out there, as I was shooting the photos, I was seeing the scene in a tones black and white.  I was convinced, as I shot, that this set of images would be quite serene when seen in a sepia toned black and white, much more so than with color.  The color image would only call too much attention to Alison and in this case, I wanted her to be a part of the photograph, not to compete with it.

Portrait of Bride with parasol or umbrella at the Sedona Golf Club in Sedona, Arizona

Even in this photograph, you will notice that I muted the colors.  It was important not to let this series of photographs (back and white or color) not to be ABOUT color.  That would take away from the soft, subtle and quiet nature of the images.

Bride and groom at twilight in Sedona Arizona

And finally, as I have been spending time with my new daughter, I am starting to understand the feelings I watch on the dance floor during the daddy daughter dances.  There is something different about a little girl, and while I don’t think I lover my only daughter more than my boys, I do think I lover her differently.  We’ll see what that feels like in twenty-five or so years, when I walk her out onto a dance floor in a white dress.  I suspect I will look a lot like Alison’s father, minus the hair.

Daddy daughter dance.