San Francisco Streets at Night

Just a quick shot from last week in San Francisco. I was doing a workshop there at the liveBooks offices and was staying near by. I went out to explore the streets after dinner and found an interesting store, in front of which people were passing. I set up my G10 camera on a newspaper box and started photographing waiting for the right person to walk by. This is an example of contextual honesty. No matter who passed in front of the camera, this homeless man was the perfect representative of the people who populate the streets around my hotel. After all, I am a documentary photographer. I attempt to tell the truth.

The streets of San Francisco late at night, when I should be sleeping.

The streets of San Francisco late at night, when I should be sleeping.

The San Francisco Lightroom Workshop is Sold Out

I am pleased that so many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to come to my Lightroom Workflow Workshop in San Francisco.  The workshop is SOLD OUT.  Should be a great crowd and everyone will walk away with a new way of looking at their images and their post production workflow.  If you are thinking about taking the workshop in a city near you, you need to sign up now, don’t be left out.

The San Francisco workshop is being hosted by liveBooks, my web portfolio creator.  They are hands down, the best in the business.  If you haven’t been to their web site, you need to go.  Not only do they make great web sites, they also have great learning resources for professional photographers including informative blog posts, webinars, video interviews and articles.  Don’t miss out.  Go to liveBooks and check it out.