• Published On: December 2, 2009|

    I will be interviewed today (Wednesday the 2nd of Dec) on the Pat McMahon show.  We'll be talking about becoming a better photographer.  The interview is live at 9 AM [...]

  • Published On: August 6, 2009|

    Great news!  I will be lecturing at the Pictage Partner Conference in New Orleans this November.  The topic of my lecture is one of my favorite to give: The Photographer's [...]

  • Published On: July 21, 2009|

    Show me your portfolio and better yet, your un-edited contact sheets and I will come to know you as a photographer and as a person. Strip away your honors and titles. Loose the acronyms, the association cliques and the name recognition and show me your images, just you images. To me, nothing else matters. The photograph is king.

  • Published On: July 14, 2009|

    Perhaps the things I write and the lectures I give about photography are still his voice. I found my voice through Bill Jay. It was as though I had found my thoughts inside someone else and as he spoke I recognized my own thoughts about photography and the world. I don't know what drew me to Bill, or why I rejected Law School to study with him. Perhaps it was the sarcasm. Perhaps it was the intellectual and objective approach to the art. Perhaps it was the historian. Perhaps it was the funny old englishman an his crazy stories. Perhaps it was his rebellious spirit. His independence. His wisdom. His beard. But whatever it was, Bill Jay was my friend from the beginning and soon became my guide and I hope as he reads his blog feed at St. Peter's internet cafe', that he has a little laugh and his eyes sparkle as I call him a Politically Incorrect English Fiend.