A full compliment of film grains and companion style presets that will take you back to the look and feel of film.!

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I just don’t get the fixation with shooting film. Why do that when this collection of Lightroom Develop Presets contains a full compliment of film grains and companion style presets that will take you back to the look and feel of film. Each grain style has been created with care and purpose to add to the work you have already done to your images. The meticulous organization makes it possible to add endless style combinations in a few short clicks. Everything from grain, to tones, to infrared effects are at your fingertips with special grain styles that will give you specific film types you may already know and love, and even styles that will take you back to the 19th century processes for extreme artistic looks.


Presets designed by Jared Platt are the most intelligently designed presets on the market. Built to save you time and give you infinite flexibility in photo editing while maintaining the highest quality adjustments in your imagery, these presets will be a staple in your preset collection.


All preset collections are cross platform compatible on Mac and PC, although the location for installation varies between Mac and PC and various windows versions. All preset collections are also compatible with all versions of Lightroom, although they will be of greatest use to those with the latest version of Lightroom.


Also, when you buy presets from Jared Platt, you always have access to your presets should you loose them, or have a hard drive crash, or simply need them on location. You also have access to any future updates to any presets you have purchased. Just simply log into your account and download any presets you have purchased in the past.


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