Heading Out into a New Year

Photo of England countryside by Jared Platt

 I am looking out into the new year and looking at my travel and lecture schedule which gets more and more complicated and crowded every day and I wonder what things I will see and who I will meet this year.  And more importantly I hope I will be able to able to be a force for change in people’s lives.  I love hearing from people who say their lives have changed as a result of the things they have learned from me.  That is why I teach.  I love to unlock doors for people.

Follow my schedule on the right hand side of my blog here and find a lecture or a workshop near you and come join me.  If you can’t make it to a workshop or a convention like WPPI or Imaging USA, join me online at creativeLIVE.com.

For those of you interested in an adventure… join me in Krakow, Poland in August: www.poland.mzed.com

I wish you all the very best this year.

Shooting with Stuart Thurkill

Stuart Thurkill shooting a wedding at the Montelucia in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I shot a wedding with Stuart Thurkill a few weeks ago at the Montelucia in Scottsdale, Arizona. His assistant was ill and I was free, so I stepped in to help out. We had a great time. The couple was cool and I always enjoy talking with Stuart because he is so passionate about everything, and he’s such a nice guy. This image I shot of Stuart at the wedding was certainly worth showing. I think that look he’s sporting is Zoolander’s patented Blue Steel look.

Excuse Our Dust – We are Under Construction

As you can see, we have just changed the blog.  It is all new and improved, except for one thing.  You can’t see the photos!  Which is a pretty big issue.  So we have our very best technicians looking into the problem.  We have hit everything with a hammer a few times and given every hard drive a good shaking and now we are unscrwewing every scew and bolt to see if we can find the photos.

Please be patient as we solve the problems.  We should be back up and running soon.

In the mean time, Platt Photography has lots of great images to look at and for more information about my workshops, go to Jared Platt Workshops.


Jared Platt

Boston’s Elegant Pass Time

It was great to be in Boston again.  I have always loved Boston.  A number of years ago, I sent a few days here at my best friend’s graduation from Harvard.  It is such a beautiful city.  One of the things I find most alluring about the city is the crew and sailing culture.  Out west, we like to boat, but it is a different kind of boating.  We drag skiers behind power boats.  Here it is a much more refined activity.  It’s like the difference between playing Hungry Hippos and Chess.  Both are fun, but one is just a lot more elegant.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to visit.  I am so grateful to Calumet Photographic for allowing us to hold the workshop there.  It is a fantastic store with a great sales staff.  Thanks so much Calumet.

This visit, I had a few minutes to walk along the river and found a big sailing school.  It looked like a lot of fun, but alas, I had to leave for New York City for my next PUG Lecture and Lightroom Workflow Workshop.  Someday, I think I would like to learn how to sail.


Sick of Spam

Want to stop spam emails?  The problem is demand side… as long as there is someone clicking on the viagra spam email link, or the porn offers, there will be spammers.  Once there is no money in it, the spammers will go away. So, who is it out there who is still clicking on the spam emails?  Who really trusts a mortgage company that misspells their product to get through the spam filter?  And what kind of person trusts a spammer to order their medications online?

If there was ever an argument against Al Gore’s push to connect every home and classroom in America to the internet, SPAM proliferation is it.  It may be that we’d all be better off if computers and access to the web were far more expensive!

iPhone Photos – Let’s face it, it’s a better camera than it is a phone!

I have an iPhone.  Have had one for many years.  I was an early adopter and have suffered at the hand of the contraption for the entire time.  It is a great little device, but it is a terrible phone.  If you call and catch me on my iPhone and I am out on the road or even in my office, you will most likely get dropped.  I am told by AT&T that it is due to the fact that too many people are on the 3G network so it gets overloaded and apparently randomly chooses who get’s thrown off the network.  But anymore, I am certain that it is not random.  It drops me first, then my brother Rex, and then everyone else gets in line for the privilege of being the next dropped call.

But I must admit, the iPhone (which should be called the iGadget) is amazing at everything else it does.  And one of those things is a cool little phone with all sorts of cool photo applications.  My hats off to all the programers of the applications.  I bring this up because I went to lunch with some photographer friends (Melissa Jill, Rebecca Bouck, Isaac Bailey and Kimberly Jarman) a while ago and was introduced to an photo app called ShakeitPhoto, which takes a photo in the form of a Polaroid.  It is a fun little app and even makes you wait for the photo to develop.  How fun is that?

Anyway, here is a photo taken with that app on the iGadget.

It really is quite true that the best camera is the one in your hands.


Do You Want A Discount

I just read a blog post by Melissa Jill about her rule on discounts.  So many people would like a discount on the services we provide as photographers.  It is interesting to me that the dentist, or the lawyer, or the mechanic is not interested in giving me a discount on their services, but when they come to me for services, they would like a discount.  It is a classic issue of pride: overvaluing ones own worth and undervaluing everyone else’s worth.  My father always wants to buy his new car at a discount and yet, he wants to sell his old car at a premium.  Of course, if one can get away with it, it is good business for them, but if I want to stay in business, I can’t work for free or even half price…  It is hard for people to get this concept, so I am re-posting this video Melissa found that puts the issue in perspective…

My Discount Rule:

So, what is my discount rule?  It is even more simple than Melissa’s.  I work for full price.  If you are special enough to me to get a discount, my services will be FREE, otherwise, it is full price.  My price structure puts my photography within reach, so I don’t offer discounts to anyone.  I enjoy doing things free of charge as a service to the ones I love, or for those in extreme need, but I also have a family to feed, so when I work, I work for full price.  It’s that simple.

I do have one exception to my discount rule.  I give a discount to our military.  They are willing to give their life for me, so offering a discount to them is the least I can do.  I have many friends and family in the military, and I hope that everyone out there is taking care of them.  We all owe them a debt we can never repay.

New iPhone / iPad Web Site Launched

Thanks to liveBooks, my amazing web design company, I now have an iPhone / iPad web site that draws its images from my standard flash site.  Check it out if you are on an iSomething: www.plattphotography.com.  If you visit the site on a computer with flash installed you will still see my flash site, but if you visit from an iSomething, you will see the new mobile site.


Those of you who have been in my workshops know how much I love liveBooks.  Now, I have another reason to love them.  And now you have another reason to switch to a liveBooks web site.

Those of you who are not photographers, you should know that liveBooks can also create an amazing web site for your business as well.  They have custom sites as well as template sites that are available for as little as $39 a month.

Anyway, just a little happy news from inside my studio!