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Experience the joy of success from capture to completion with the Lightroom Workflow Workshop; over 24 hours of comprehensive video instruction. 


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Adding Style Quickly with Presets



Master Adobe Lightroom

Experience the joy of success from capture to completion with the Lightroom Workflow Workshop; over 24 hours of comprehensive video instruction. 

Workshop Video List:


  1. The Studio Tour
  2. The  Pipeline Workflow
  3. Camera Operation
  4. Perfect Exposures in the Studio
  5. Perfect Exposures on Location
  6. Computers and Hard Drives One
  7. Computers and Hard Drives Two
  8. The Lightroom Catalog System
  9. Collections
  10. Setting up the Working Catalog’
  11. Setting Your Preferences One
  12. Setting Your Preferences Two
  13. Installing Plugins and Presets
  14. Ingesting Photos
  15. Importing Photos into Lightroom
  16. Selecting
  17. Selecting by Comparison
  18. Organizing Your Images
  19. Cleaning up Your Catalog
  20. Fast Keywording


  1. Outsourcing Editing One
  2. Outsourcing Editing Two
  3. Updating the Catalog
  4. ShootDotEdit Stylematch
  5. Default Lightroom Camera Settings
  6. Syncing the Develop Module
  7. Normalizing Your Images
  8. Adding Style to Your Images
  9. Creating Presets
  10. The Develop Module Tour
  11. Advanced Develop Adjustments One
  12. Advanced Develop Adjustments Two
  13. Advanced Develop Adjustments Three
  14. Advanced Develop Adjustments Four
  15. Advanced Develop Adjustments Five


  1. Lightroom Retouching
  2. Brush and  Gradient Tools
  3. Radial Gradients
  4. Local Adjustments
  5. RAW HDR Images
  6. Adding Contrast to HDR Images
  7. Merging Panoramas
  8. Compositing Panoramas in Photoshop
  9. Photoshop Retouching
  10. Body Contouring with Liquify
  11. Organizing the Job
  12. Creating Proof Books
  13. Lightroom Proof Books One
  14. Lightroom Proof Books Two
  15. Stylizing Proof Books in Lightroom
  16. Finishing Proof Books
  17. Online Proofing
  18. Proof Prints
  19. Slideshows
  20. Animoto Slideshows
  21. Smart Albums
  22. Laying Out Albums
  23. Finishing Your Album


  1. Tethered Capture in the Studio
  2. The Tethered Portrait
  3. Completing Tethered Shoots
  4. Combining Catalogs
  5. Remote Client Collaboration
  6. Tethered Shooting Wrapup
  7. Sharing Images One
  8. Sharing Images Two
  9. Archiving One
  10. Archiving Two
  11. Portfolio Management
  12. Shooting and Sharing Fast
  13. Mobile Apps
  14. Lightroom and Adobe Stock One
  15. Lightroom and Adobe Stock Two
  16. The Portrait Stock Session
  17. Workshop Recap
  18. Workshop Conclusion

Yes, Adobe updated Lightroom in October 2017



Adobe gave us all an option between Lightroom CC (a new simpler version of Lightroom) and Lightroom Classic CC (the same Lightroom you and I already know and love).  Don’t worry, everything in this workshop is still completely current.  While it was filmed in early 2017, every lesson is still 100% spot on!  We are adding a few extra lessons now to reflect the added tools that are now in Lightroom Classic CC and we are even adding a few lessons that will explain how Lightroom CC fits in the picture.  

Those will come in January, but you can buy the workshop now at a great price and you’ll have access to the new content when it gets added.
Will this workshop fully cover the brand new, simpler Lightroom CC program?  Not in detail.  The new Lightroom CC program is still a moving target.  We will create a whole different workshop for that program, once it matures a little bit more so it stops moving quite so much.

Let’s face it

you are here because processing all of those images has become a major headache in your life! Stop hunting through thousands of hours of Youtube videos to find the most essential information every serious photographer needs to know.

I have perfected many practices over the years since the inception of Lightroom and processing images is a joy for me!  I get amazing results in an unbelievably short time and it is my passion to teach how I do it! To that end, I have painstakingly created over 20 hours of comprehensive video content broken into 76 individual lessons which cover everything you need to know to securely process your work in record time and with the highest possible quality.

All 76 videos comprise The Lightroom Workflow Workshop and it is the definitive answer to your workflow dilemma. This is your personal invitation to join me in my studio (no matter where you are) to learn the most efficient, powerful and secure workflow that exists. I will show you step by step how to cut your workflow to a fraction of the time you are spending now. Purchase the complete workshop now and get your life back.

Stream or Download HD video

Everything You Need to Know

to Turbocharge Your Production and Get Your Life Back

The Workshop Includes

The Lightroom Workflow Workshop is over Twenty hours of intense Lightroom education broken down into 15-25 minute easily absorbed lessons. You can watch the lessons in order or jump to the specific lesson that interests you.

Altogether these lessons show you exactly how I process and deliver the incredible volume of images I produce in my high-end wedding photography and portrait business. All with the highest image quality and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. And it’s all shot right in my studio so you get a front row seat and see how everything is done, the right way.

Master these Practices and Get Your Life Back

  • Improve your image capture so you are working with the best possible images
  • Shoot in the most secure fashion and never lose a file again
  • Move your images through a workflow pipeline and never run out of disk space’
  • Backup your data effortlessly and stop risking your precious images
  • Organize your jobs so they are a breeze to find
  • Select your images positively and efficiently
  • Make the selection process a joy
  • Outsource your editing for the most rapid turn around… or
  • Edit your images with unbelievable speed and accuracy
  • Process RAW HDRs professionally
  • Retouch non-destructively in Lightroom
  • Retouch in  Photoshop
  • Print outstanding proof books directly from Lightroom
  • Design beautiful albums so quickly it will make your head spin
  • Print from lightroom
  • Mobilize your entire portfolio and most important jobs so they are always with you
  • Collaborate with clients in the cloud
  • Shoot tethered on location and in the studio
  • Securely archive your old jobs so they don’t gum up the works
  • Organize your portfolio so your greatest images get shared
  • Sit back and relax because you got your work done in record time

Jared’s Students Have This to Say About His Workshop:

I am blown away by the knowledge Mr. Platt has and by the level of his talent to communicate that knowledge to an audience at every level of understanding.
Ildiko Takata
I take every class Jared Platt has to offer. This year, I feel like he transplanted new eyes into by body! I was blind and didn't even know it! Thanks for allowing me to truly see for the first time.
Fantastic - unbelievable - educational - Love It!
Marryanne McLever
Jared is a knowledgeable and wonderful teacher. He explains things in a way that is easy to grasp.
Kate Auda
Jared is extremely knowledgable - as if he created Lightroom himself.
Suzi Lighten
Jared Platt is a driving force to Lightroom Killing the use of Apple Aperture. He literally has changed my life and my business.
Daniel Woods
I've had Lightroom for over a year. This workshop should have been the very first thing I did.
Lindsey Freitas
I went to WPPI just to see Jared speak. He was by far, the best speaker!
Amy Huberland
I have seen many Lightroom Gurus but Jared is a Master! Not just in knowledge, but in being able to present a useful solution, relevant to photographers.
Leighton Da Costa
Jared Platt is a driving force to Lightroom Killing the use of Apple Aperture. He literally has changed my life and my business.
Daniel Woods
I didn't know anything about Lightroom and now I'm using Lightroom almost exclusively. Jared offered so many tips that I haven't heard before and the workshop was worth it's weight in gold. My editing time has sped up so much. I am saving so much time. I highly recommend his workshop.
Michelle Tanner
This webinar was one of the best and most educational that I have ever seen
Roger Roberts
I knew Lightroom was great and could revolutionize my workflow, but thanks to Jared, I actually know how to make that happen! Instead of spending months learning the software and to use it to my advantage, I learned it in ONE DAY!
Kelsey Hensley
I never realized how disorganized I was until I watched your class. I was able to shave HOURS off of my normal workflow.
Dan Heller
WE THANK YOU for all the knowledge and experience you are sharing among all of us photographers. The results and improvements from that training were instant! We have gone from 3-5 days of editing to 1-2 days for weddings and when we shoot a portrait session we are able to show proofs the next day!!!!
Gene and Patty Nash
The Jared Platt Lightroom Workflow Workshop was one of the BEST investments that we have EVER made in our business. It's not just a workflow for Lightroom, it's a workflow for your business. The one day I spent in his workshop has completely revolutionized the way that we process a wedding and we have easily cut our processing time in half.

Why Workflow?

We all want to get lost in the moment of taking images. If you feel that passion, like I do, than you know you will shoot a lot of frames to arrive at that decisive moment – The one you look back at and think, “I was there, that really happened and I nailed it.” At the end of the day though, shooting a lot can create a world of trouble. As a serious photographer, It is so easy to get bogged down in the shear weight of images. What you habitually do with multiple thousands of photographs when you come home from a shoot can add up to disaster. It can be a Disaster to your freedom when it takes you weeks to process those files and a disaster to your business and career if your hard drive crashes or you mistakenly lose even one of them.


What every photographer needs is an intelligent and rational approach to processing those images. We need a plan that includes every step necessary to secure files, make quick selections, organize images, rapidly edit and stylize photos, quickly deliver them to audiences, and archive them with easy access and plenty of disk space to spare. When I started shooting weddings digitally over fifteen years ago, I immediately recognized the need for such a system.

Since then, I have painstakingly worked to create the fastest, most efficient and most secure workflow in the photography industry today – All the while, never compromising the quality of my imagery. In fact, I rapidly produce work of the highest caliber that my clients love and what’s even better, I enjoy every step.

As much as I love photography, I love to teach and I have been a teacher of photography for almost two decades. I have made it my mission to help photographers improve their craft while preserving the freedom and time to have a life. Because I also love having free time to enjoy life, family, and friends. So, it is time to get your life back and stop worrying that going after your dream of photography will kill your freedom!

Trust Jared

Don’t trust just anyone to teach you this information

There is a lot of great content on youtube about Lightroom, but the sad fact is that 95% of what’s on youtube is garbage. Wading through that garbage to get to the good stuff is a huge waste of time and risky – it’s hard to separate the good info from the bad. You need a trusted teacher to guide you through the learning process, someone who has the experience and acknowledged expertise to show you what you absolutely need to know.

As a leader for years in Adobe Lightroom Education, I  have taught my workflow all over the world. If you have taken my courses you know that I am clear, thorough and deliberate in my approach. If you have taken someone else’s workflow workshop, the chances are they learned their workflow from me. And it’s likely that they got it wrong. It has taken months to film this workshop and years to prepare this system and now you can come into my studio and see exactly how I do every step of my workflow.

Principle Based Learning

Not only will you learn how, but you will learn why I do what I do and why I use what I use to accomplish my workflow, and when you are armed with the theory behind the workflow, you will be able to make the correct choice whenever you are faced with a workflow delima. Right now you may be all mixed up from mountains of contradicting advice on workflow. It’s understandable

Very few people have an entire workflow system, they just have bits and pieces, and unfortunately, they give advice to others about their hodge-podge systems.  Well, now you can put your confusion to bed and walk through a foolproof workflow system from start to finish and have complete confidence that you are doing it the right way!


Can I download the videos or only stream them?

You can download the videos or stream them from our site after you login.

Can I put the videos on my mobile device?

You are welcome to put the videos on any of your own devices. We just ask that you do not share them as they are strictly for your personal use.

Are the videos high quality?

All of the videos are shot in 1080p HD and are streamed in 1080p as well as downloadable in 720p and 1080p.

Is there tech support available if I have an issue viewing my workshop?

You can always email our support at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to get back to you quickly.

How long will I have access to the workshop?

You are purchasing the videos so they are yours to download or stream from as long as you like.

I am a PC user and Jared uses Macs, will the workshop work for me?

Absolutely. Any time a task is operating system specific, Jared describes how to complete it in either environment, but for the most part Lightroom is the same across platforms. Also, Jared’s lessons are principle based so they apply no matter the type of equipment you use.

If I have an older version of Lightroom, will I still get anything out of this workshop?

While many of the features taught about are only available in the latest versions of Lightroom, users of older versions still make use of the principles taught. Just be aware that when you see what can be done with Lightroom CC you will want to upgrade.

I am a Lightroom novice. Will these lessons be over my head?

No way! The lessons are thorough and Jared never tells you just what to do, he tells you why to do it. That way you will understand what you are trying to achieve each step of the way. Yes some of the principles discussed are complex, but Jared takes them apart and presents them in a way that helps beginners to get started and advanced users to get better. You could not begin your Lightroom Journey with a better instructor.

How do I install the Presets that come with the workshop?

Videos on how to install your presets are available on our support page here.

Are presets that come with the workshop Mac and PC compatible?

All Lightroom presets are cross platform compatible. This means you can use your presets on your Mac or PC. Keep in mind that the presets are stored in different places on the Mac than they are on the PC. The best way to find the location of your presets is to click on the “Show Lightroom Presets Folder Now” in the Lightroom Preferences under the Presets panel.

You could not begin your Lightroom Journey with a better instructor!

Jared has been teaching Lightroom to the entire photography industry for 10 years and is known the world over for the depth of his knowledge and the clarity of his delivery.

Put your trust in Jared and he will show you how to get back hours and hours of your time, get back your peace of mind and just plain get your life back.

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retail value