Welcome to my Past Webinars and Lectures Portfolio. This is the place to come and watch lectures I have recorded from the past. Since these are from the past, you might notice that some of the exact tools and gear I am talking about are older and there may be new tools and new ways of doing things. But I talk enough about principles in my classes that you should still gain a lot of knowledge from these past lectures.

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Lightroom Retouching and Editing Webinars from the Past:

This is a webinar on Lightroom retouching I did back in 2017/2018 there is a lot of valuable information in this webinar. Obviously, some of the tools in Lightroom are far more advanced now, but you can still learn a lot from this webinar. My workshop that is shown in this webinar is also very useful and is more up to date with new LR Tools. We actually did three live webinars and so we have all three of them listed here online for people to watch. Enjoy any or all of them. You will find subtle differences between them all. But watching one (anyone) of them will be sufficient.

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Get Your Life Back by Learning Lightroom from Jared Platt on Vimeo.