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If I’m in the studio, I don’t mess around with a camera LCD screen

If you are shooting in the studio, or even on location there is a far better way to know you have the images you need than the back of your camera. Tethering to a laptop computer is something that was mandatory for commercial photographers at the turn of the digital photo age in the early 2000s, but just because you have a camera LCD screen and a card in your camera doesn’t mean that you should poopoo the idea of tethered shooting. It is an essential part of my photo experience whenever I am in the studio or on location with the flexibility to do so.

Tethering my photo shoot provides me with so many advantages and makes the photoshoot so much more enjoyable for the client (commercial or retail) that I miss it when I can’t do it..

There are so many ways to tether on a photo shoot, but here is a little rig that I put together that makes tethering simple no matter where I am and makes judging the final images a snap.