Give those hours of image editing the One Two punch. Signup to Download the Lightroom Retouching Essentials Presets.


Give those hours of image editing the One Two punch. Signup to Download the Lightroom Retouching Essentials Presets.

The Retouching Essentials Preset Collection

You already know that you need the best tools to create the best imagery. This is why you chose to use Adobe Lightroom in your photographic process. You will also need the very best tools within the program to get the job done faster and better. With the right presets and plug-ins in Lightroom, you will find your development process will become faster, easier and more powerful. The “Retouching Essentials Preset Collection” contains essential and powerful Lightroom Local Adjustment presets to speed you along in your image retouching and manipulation. These are the “burning and dodging and skin smoothing brushes in the develop module. This collection contains local adjustment presets that will increase your speed while editing and at the same time give you the power to do amazing things inside without ever leaving Lightroom. I have chosen the best presets to get you started in the Lightroom Develop module. Enjoy!

What Jared’s students say about him

I am blown away by the knowledge Jared has and by the level of his talent to communicate that knowledge to an audience at every level of understanding.

Ildiko Takata

I take every class Jared Platt has to offer.  This year, I feel like he transplanted new eyes into by body!  I was blind and didn’t even know it!  Thanks for allowing me to truly see for the first time.


Fantastic – unbelievable – educational – Love It!

Marryanne McLever

Jared is a knowledgeable and wonderful teacher.  He explains things in a way that is easy to grasp.

Kate Auda

Jared is extremely knowledgable – as if he created Lightroom himself.

Suzi Lighten

Jared Platt is a driving force to Lightroom Killing the use of Apple Aperture.  He literally has changed my life and my business.

Daniel Woods

I’ve had Lightroom for over a year.  This workshop should have been the very first thing I did.

Lindsey Freitas

I went to WPPI just to see Jared speak.  He was by far, the best speaker!

Amy Huberland

I have seen many Lightroom “Gurus” but Jared is a Master!  Not just in knowledge, but in being able to present a useful solution, relevant to photographers.

Leighton Da Costa

I was very impressed with the workshop.  I didn’t know anything about Lightroom and now I’m using Lightroom almost exclusively.  Jared offered so many tips that I haven’t heard before and the workshop was worth it’s weight in gold.  My editing time has sped up so much.  I am saving so much time. I highly recommend his workshop.

Michelle Tanner

I knew Lightroom was great and could revolutionize my workflow, but thanks to Jared, I actually know how to make that happen!  Instead of spending months learning the software and to use it to my advantage, I learned it in ONE DAY!

Kelsey Hensley

The Jared Platt Lightroom Workflow Workshop was one of the BEST investments that we have EVER made in our business. It’s not just a workflow for Lightroom, it’s a workflow for your business. The one day I spent in his workshop has completely revolutionized the way that we process a wedding and we have easily cut our processing time in half.


I love that you’re like the ninja of Lightroom workflow. What I learned is going to save me SO much time and frustration…thanks again

Julie Watts

This webinar was one of the best and most educational that I have ever seen.

Roger Roberts

I just want to say thank you for the phenomenal course, “Advanced Lightroom Workflow.”  It was easily the best money that I have spent on creative live.  I never realized how disorganized that I was until I watched your class.  I was able to shave HOURS off of my normal workflow.

Dan heller


Do you travel?  Shoot stock photography?  Put together commercial photo shoots?  Here is a great resource for photographers who are shooting commercial work or want to submit their images for stock photography.  The link below will take you to Adobe’s “Known Image Restrictions” web page.  This is a great resource for location photographers.

known image restrictions